GCA is your Friend in need !

It is only because of the collective efforts made by the Gujarat Contarctors Association, many of the Contractors conditions and terms are amended and enforced, failing which contractors fraternity could not have been survived.

We, sometimes ask that, what Gujarat Contractors Association is doing for 'Contractors' ? The answer that strikes our mind is that it is only because of our those predecessors, trend setters, handful-dedicated people and their selfless services, without looking for any personal gains, today, our professional problems are being solved. The facilities being enjoyed today by contactors fraternity is the result of the support of Gujarat Contaractors Association and therefore, you and we all, are living up peaceful nights, peaceful weekends and peaceful holidays. Today we do pledge to uphold their vision and mission.


Simplification of pre-qualification criteria, clearance of all out standing long pending issues, simplifying the finance related contract conditions and terms such as EMD-Security Deposits, mobilization advances, ESI, PF, sales tax, 0.60% VAT from 2% the only state to achieve this. Income tax, Price Escalation Clauses, Works Contracts, Star rates, acceptance of Bank Guarantee in lieu of FD receiptss are some of the vital issues addressed by us to Goverment of Gujarat & it's Nigams-Boards-Institutions-Administration etc.

Our Association directly neither involve in contract-award procedure to any specific entity and or a person, nor resolves ego related or otherwise personal issues of anybody, let us not forget that it is because of OUR collective & relentless efforts only, today we all enjoy comfortable environment and many of the imposed contract conditions and terms are altered/ amended/ deleted / dropped in favour of the contracting fraternity.

It is our endeavor to increase the number of members and thus create powerful unity to get reckoned and accepted by all including the Authority and Government.